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Wilde Enten-Brutei -Winterpause-

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Hatching egg of the Wild Ducks

Wild Ducks have a colourful plumage. They are vital and robust animals that are suitable for extensive free-range husbandry on small farms. Wild ducks usually reach slaughter maturity after 16 to 20 weeks and are ideally offered via agricultural direct marketing. The Wild Ducks are a cross between the white Peking Duck and the Saxon Duck and have nothing in common with the mallards living in nature. However, their colourful appearance, inherited from the mallard duck, makes them real wild escapees compared to the "normal" white mallard ducks.


  • EU-Bio
  • Bioland


Place of shipping:
Dorn und Schmidt GbR, 37214 Witzenhausen



  • Wild ducks are robust, vital
  • ready for slaughter: 16-20th week of life
  • Weight of the ducks: 16th week of life: 3-3,5 kg living weight (1,8-2,5 kg slaughter weight)
  • Weight of Drake: 16th week of life: 3.5 - 4.5 kg living weight (2.5 - 3 kg slaughter weight)
  • Note: depending on the feeding intensity, they reach weights until the 20th week of life
  • BmTierSSchV EU-Certification*: No
  • Availability: from March

*Certified in accordance with the Animal Health Protection Regulation (BmTierSSchV) and thus approved for trade to EU-certified hatcheries and abroad.


Not to pluckDucks in moult are very difficult to pluck. It is advisable to look closely here: At the start of moulting, many small downy feathers can be seen in the birds' posture. Four weeks later the new quills have developed feathers and are easy to pluck from then on. The 1st moult occurs between the 8th and 11th week (depending on weather and food)


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Shipping and delivery conditions
Please indicate your preferred delivery date when placing your order. The hatching eggs are always dispatched on Mondays. The risk of transport (heat/frost/breakage) is borne by the buyer. The dispatch of less than 300 eggs takes place in hatching transport boxes of the ÖTZ, unless otherwise stated. An order of more than 300 eggs will be shipped unrefrigerated on a pallet by the shipping company.


Please note that eggs of all types of breeds cannot always be offered. For each order the availability will be clarified and feedback will be given accordingly.


Complaints and claims are only possible with a completely filled out ÖTZ hatching journal .


Organic Certification Body
DE-ÖKO-006 – ABCERT AG, Kontrollstelle für ökologisch erzeugte Lebensmittel, Martinstraße 42 – 44, 73728 Esslingen


Ökologische Tierzucht gGmbH, Auf dem Kreuz 58, D-86152 Augsburg

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